Chota Mangwa - A short weekend destination

“Journey is a premiere screening of a movie called “Exploring”…Annonymus.”

Looking at the road where we would return after some days

When I was about to start to start writing these there are so many thing creeping inside my brain. The thoughts are jostling like the crowd of market streets.

One day we were sitting a road side tea stall and discussing about our next trip over a nice tea and sticky pakora. Several probable destinations were discussed .But they are all like own backyard. We have grown enough to play at our backyard further. Now Anirban had made point to go to CChota Mangowa where  he had visited once. “CChota Mangwa ” sounds pretty interesting to us. After hearing his experience we all unanimously decided to go cchota Mangowa.


After finishing our work at office somehow we could manage to catch the train in time. One thing I just forget to tell you that one of  our main attraction of travelling is making music inside train during our journey from Sealdah to NJP and back. After taking our dinner we decide go for some sleep, since a after reaching NJP we had to start for CChota Mangowa.

At Sealdah station


In the morning around 8 o clock our train reached at NJP.Anirban had already informed our agent Mr. Biru Tamang to arrange pickup from NJP and a bike which he had somehow managed from a local guy named Krishna da. After taking our luggage we went directly to the car which has already arrived in time.I have certain personal obligation in Siliguri so I had to rush to my destination and I promised all my friend to pick me up from their convenience. Around 11 o clock we started our journey from SILIGURI Kanchanjongha Stadium.The moment we reached near Salugada torrential rain started.We could hardly see each others face in the pump station. Anirban and Subhasish were on the bike and me,arka,chira,puntu,supriya  were in the car. By seeing the outside we could easily understand the degree difficulty of riding bike.

Land slide clearance work going on

Our full team for this trip.

From left: Chiro, Anirban and Subhasis

Subhasis and Anirban, discussing how tough it was to reach chota mangwa. Last 10-12 kms was really very challenging. Specially the loose rocks and mud. The experience will help us in future.

Dining hall, waiting for our lunch at 5 PM

Chiro looking at Nathula range, we have plans to go there next October.

Way to Bhutan

From left: Myself Pappu, Chiro, Puntu, Arka, Vinay Pradhan and Supriya

Namchi region during evening. A treat to watch. On a clear day Kanchenjunga can be seen behind Namchi.

The scenic beauty en-route to chota mangwa was spectacular to witness. Various shades of flowers in the backdrop of valley playing a perfect tune unchanged melody. Beauty in diversity enthralled us at its best.
           Around 3o clock we reached Teesta Bazar,where another car was supposed take us to guest house. But due to some technical failure arrival of the car got delayed about and hour. Hence we glad no other choice but to sit down and gossiping. Some us even tried our hand on the bike. Chiro often has knack to pose for shutterbugs hence he was busy making his photos as perfect as it could be.
Chro looking at Nathula region, dream about the days to come

Bhutan on bird's way

Around 4 o clock finally our car came and it around 45 minutes to travel 4-5 Kms. Around 5 P.M. we reached our place called chota was a mesmerizing place .the natural resources along with atmosphere reminds me of Hollywood movie called sweet home alabama. The interesting part of the valley is that it changes its colour according to time.

Around 50 people living in this area of around 5000 sq Km. Main occupation here is tourism. Recently they were introduced to  solar power energy. Which got a edge over other hilly villages. People here are now concentrating on two things ,Farming and rain water harvesting.

After taking lunch we took rest . In the evening its delight to watch both side of the valley. The gangtak and the Namchi side.

After taking dinner we started picking our notes from our last trip in varsey. We had a blast over the night. After the party we had decided to go for deep sleep.

Discussing about our old memories



 The moment we opened our eyes it was full of fog out there. It was like heaven.After taking our breakfast we along with our guide had decided to go to nearby view point. The moment we reached the place we were just taken aback by the glimpse of entire valley. We all were thinking how could we wasting our time back in kolkata instead of not coming to this sneak of woods.

Foggy morning. Chiro never leaves his sunglass, even at night.

Its tea time.

Neverending tea time.

Total travellers on the view point

Good bye Chota Mangwa

On the way to NJP, near Teesta Bazar

To be continued..............

-----------------------------Written by Sounak Chatterjee-------------------------------