Sikkim Bike Trip - Old Silk Route - East Sikkim - Dzuluk - Gnathang Valley - Kupup Lake

“Journey through the eyes of flying wings””

Old Silk Route


It all started from where we end in Ravangla .All my friends were really elated to hear that we planning for another all RE trip to Sikkim. The main inspiration behind all the tours that we have made so far is Anirban. He has made all these trips worthwhile. Chiro always been the quote king in our group. Basically after completion of Ravangla trip we started getting confidence of making all bike trip. Meanwhile I have already got my brand new RE-350 Classic and started hitting road hard. So for me as well for all my team mates it is high time that we should go for bike trip in hills. So many places jostling inside our brain and end of so much turmoil we have decided to go to the place where even Eagle dares to fly (Old silk Route). The thought of 92 Hairpin giving us a tremendous excitement. All my team mates have already started dreaming about the same. We simply cannot resist ourselves to touch the milestone.
It took around 3 months to arrange bikes from Adventure Unlimited ,Darjeeling .We thank Mr. Gautam Shrestha for his extreme support for the same. Now that bikes and tickets were booked ,here we come boom boom boom.
The starting lineup goes like this.

Chiranjit Ghosh
Anirban Chatterjee
Subhasis Sen
Ayan Dutta
Sourav Das
Sounak Chatterjee

1.10.2013 (Sealdah-NJP)

Due to some personal obligation beside me all my team mates started journey through Darjeeling mail on 1.10.13.It was decided that I will catch them somewhere in Sevoke Road, on 3.10.13.I can easily feel my pulse inside me. I am dying to reach NJP at the earliest.

2.10.13 (New Jalpaiguri)
It was 45 minutes late from its schedule arrival .Anirban had already advised Mr. Gautam to send all the bikes in Darjeeling More, so that from there they can begun their journey .After leaving platform all my mates were simply running out of their patience to see all the bikes. Hence they have straight gone to Darjeeling more. But Truck consisting of 4 Bikes was yet to arrive. Hence they have no other choice but to stay there and play goddamn waiting game. Around 12;O clock truck came loaded with 4 RE.
It took 30-45 minutes to unload all the bikes. Now all my mates were jumping on their feet and cannot wait further.
While starting and initial checking it was found that some of the bikes provided to us having certain technical problem which needs to be fixed before leaving Siliguri. Hence bublai and anirban went for a local mechanic who can fix everything up. After searching for around 1 hr. they could manage to find a mechanic who promised them to fix all the problems. It was already 2 P.M then and all my mates running out of their time since they had planned to go to Samsing that day. It would take at least 3-4 hours to reach the destination. Hence Chiro,bublai,ayan,subhasis all are trying their level best to make the bike ready.
15:30 P.M.-Two bikes are ready “Chaaliye dekhe nin dada” said the local guy. Anirban and bublai started testing their bike where Subhasis and Chiro playing the waiting game .
Anirban had to return back to NJP to collect standard NOC form from Krishna da . Krishna da has a business of providing rented pulsar to tourist. We took from him twice in our various trips to north Bengal as well as Sikkim

17:45 P.M- Now everything is ready but they have decided to stay in Siliguri that night since it was not safe to to ride at night.
2.10.13-20:30 P.M-(Kanchankanya)
Escaping a huge traffic of pre puja shopping I have just reached the platform right on time.”Folks I am Coming”.

3.10.13 (New Jalpaiguri to Mankhim)

After reaching station I went straight to Siliguri hotel where my friends decided to stay fortnight. Before checking in I got stuck with a glimpse of 4 RE(1 cherry classic 350 one black classic 350 two Machismo 500) standing tall in a dormant state ready to erupt in no time. Now it was time to reunite with my fellow mates. May be god thought of keeping my friend in siliguri last night.while starting we found a typical problem in two of our bikes. Every time there was a false start through kick , back thrust from compressor creating dismantling of carburetor. Once the carburetor is dislodged starting gets delayed. Mr. Gurpreet Singh ,the owner of the hotel helped us a lot .He let us know how we should fix the problem during our trip. After finishing our breakfast we were gearing up to start our journey to Mankhim,Aritar .

"Made like a gun, Goes like a Bullet, yes...we know it. But for that we have to start it first.Discussing about the hard task ahead.

The journey started with a group picture boosting all the rider for their forthcoming adventure. While writing the entire I am getting Goosebumps thinking .For thunderous RE with voracious devour were racing like tracer-bullets. The sound of twin spark engine alongwith its silencers playing the spoil sport to the silence of wildlife. Every single bit could be counted .All the wild beast were tamed in presence of the wildest untamed RE.

At Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

At Sevoke Kalibari

Subhasis and myself coming from Kalibari, after the puja.

We took first tea break at SEVOKE Kaali Bari where we took blessings from Kalli Maa for unhindered journey. Leaving river Testa in right side all the riders were having time of their life. It seems we were 1000 miles away from materialistic life. The joy of unbinding freedom alongwith beauty of valley completely put us in a different world. We knew we were sinking to the hand of almighty.

Anirban, Chiro and Myself

Royal riding through the off roads

Country roads

Bend it like Beckham

River Teesta

Subhasis on a Bend
After reaching Teesta bazaar around 3 O clock we were headed towards east i.e. towards paedong. Through NH#31A leaving teesta in our left we were going towards next junction to Kalimpong. In Kalimpong we were hit with our first major breakdown . Bublai’s bike constantly denying our mammoth kicks. We tried our hand but but was unable to fix it up.Hence with a help of local guy we decided to go go downhill to find a garage where we can fix it at the earliest. Meanwhile Anirban was busy finding a cyber café where he can take printout of papers pertaining to insurance of his bike. 

Subhasis is always someway different from others. This time it was wearing a Khan dress and putting the headlights on.

Bimal ji, trying to kick start Bublai's Bullet after fixing the issues. Near Kalimpong Petrol pump.

After around 45 minutes we got a call from Bublai that the mechanic has found the problem .Due to continuous steep uphill there was a problem in the engine.It took another 45 minutes to fix everything up and we are ready to move on.
The condition of the road was pretty good due to contribution of BRO. Around 16:30 we reached towards Pedong .
On the way to Pedong

On a smoke break, near Sillery Gaon, on the way to Pedong.

We knew we were running short of our time. Daylight started fading and we have to pass through a long stretch of forest area. Suddenly we have a sudden strategy meeting to curtail the time .Hence it was decided to push as far as we can .

I can still feel the fear of uncertainty in front of us while riding through the jungle. The jungle is so dense even in daytime sunrays could not enter through. We were in the middle of a dense forest and weather was supporting us too. Only thing we could see is the brake light of vehicle in front of us. But I was unsighted since I was leading at that point of time. Slowly and steadily we were playing the waiting game. Kept our composer.
19:30 Hrs

Tough evening journey.

Now “ salt in the wound” chiro’s bike stopped moving ,neither headlights nor the indicators were working and on top of it we could not make it on. As before leaving for this trip I had \started taking lesson for certain troubleshooting ,I tried my hand and somehow could manage to fix it up. One of the fuse of the battery got blown due to some internal problem.We had extra fuses which made it pretty easy for us to fix the problem in no time.
Finally we reached Reshi ,where all our papers was checked by the checkpost officers of Sikkim side. Just after leaving Reshi check post we were met with an accident due to lack of co-ordination,dimmed nightvision and the condition of the road. While riding in hills one should expect all these .It happened while we were riding to a very steep road Anirban’s bike were skidding backword at the top of the steep which was completely unsighted by me due to no-light. He somehow managed to hold his bike with the help of Subhasis ,but when I reached at the top edge of the steep ,it was too late for me to hold the bike .Hence I started skidding downward. I tried my best to hold it but left with no other choice but to leave the RE .This hurts badly to me rather than my injury. Its like dropping your own child from your hand while he was playing happily in your lap. This teaches us one lesson while climbing uphill a ample distance should be members between consecutive bikers.
The road from Reshi to Aritar will be remembered to all my riders throughout their whole life. The road was so steep even Enfield with 350 CC engine was exhausted. The condition of the road was in pretty bad shape. It was all wrecched, totally muddy .and due to heavy rain rocks which was base of these roads is popping out heavily.It had become mammoth task for us to ride through the road..One local policeman helped us through the road frequently since in night we could hardly see anything on the road and were constantly missing our directions. After our huge effort around 20:30 we reached Aritar. After having tea at Aritar in a homestay we have started journey towards Mankhim.

After many hardship, treacherous road finally we have arrived Biru Tamang’s homestay at Mankhim. The place was well decorated with floral workshop and viewpoint. After putting our luggage in our room it was time to relax a bit over a cup of coffee. The journey ,the road,the weather,scary incidents had already taken a huge toll on us. When we reached Mankhim we came to know that there was earthquake in north Sikkim hence we thought it would be wise if can manage to call our parents up and say that we are O.K. After having tea and slight snacks Anirban started making all the formalities of the Bike ,like making NOC,putting all the documents in proper places. He had shown his managerial skills once again .I had suffered certain lower back injury during accident at Aritar hence it was time for me get a slight rest. The other members were planning for the next days trip. After dinner was served It was time for us to go for tight sleep. Late in the night Ayan playing mischievously as Ghost ,playing pranks to Chiro and bublai and not to mention Subhasis. Its was all fun. We were dreaming of getting a glimpse of sparkling kanchanjangha in the morning from hill-top over a cup of coffee.

4.3.2013 (Mankhim to Gnathang Valley)

We woke up at 6:00 in the morning with a hope that the weather would not make a spoil sport.But alas it was all cloudy with slight drizzle. Still me,Anirban,Chiro,Ayan and bublai went to the hill-top with a cup of tea. We can easily feel the warmth of dewdrop on the tip of leave just try to drop down but could manage to due to cohesiveness .Like our team members acting as cohesive unit denied all the obstacles that came in our way.The scenic beauty of the breathtaking valley cast a speel on us. We were moved by its charm. Every time we are coming to this places we thought she wears new dress to make us ogle at her .The charm lingered around 30 min. 

Mankhim Top


Its Tea Time at Mankhim Top

Aritar Lake

A glimpse of Mount Kanchenjunga

Our home stay at Mankhim
Now its time to return to our rooms and fresh ourselves up before leaving for our next destination Nathang Valley through the Old silk route.

Its kicking time

"When going gets tough, the tough gets going"

Chiro and Ayan

Touching the cloud

After Finishing our breakfast it was time for pack the backs properly since the roads ahead of us is not “bed of roses”.I sincerely admit that Subhasis has got a terrific acumen of tying the ropes . So we left this job to Subhasis .Meanwhile we were giving bidding adieu to the people of Mankhim.
10:25 Hrs

Jungle Safari

Clouds all over the places

Bublai and Ayan Crossing the bridge

The New Rongli Bridge

Ayan recharging himself

Subhasis on call, everytime he gets time he starts calling. Don't know who is there on the other side of the phone every time.

The journey started around 10:20 Hours keeping our fingers crossed for the roads ahead of us. Strategically it was decided to ride as fast we can to clear the 92 hairpins of Old silk route. Because it has a uncanny knack of changing its weather after 13:30.
The greatest obstacles were yet to come. To get the permission to ride through Zuluk. Normally vehicles outside of Sikkim were allowed to enter this areas .It was herculean effort we put with the help of Mr. Biru Tamang and His friends. Without them it would not have been possible for us. It took around 1:30 hrs to get the permission. The moment we received the permission it we were awestruck. It was like next to impossible. It seems Zuluk finally accepted our diligent effort that we were putting for last two days. Now it’s the time throw your arrows to the apple without hurting the man. To feel the curves without touching it. Nobody would understand the feeling that were kept since long. After refueling our RE’s it was time for the Majestic Zuluk.

Our First destination was Lingtham, After Lingtham we will go to Padamchen from where sharp hairpins will start.

Near Rongli Dam

Before Lingtam

At Lingtam check post

Ayan takes a break from photography

Bublai, Subhasis and myself having fun

Before a start for Padamchen check post

The road to Lingtham was full of greenery. The beauty of valley was simply fascinating. But we cannot resist ourselves to reach Padamchen. Around 14:30 Hours we reached Padamchen. From here it was no child's play. The sharp elevated bends along with debris at certain points were major concern for us. For all those freak out there like us , we strictly advice make at least 300-400 mtrs with your fellow team mates to avoid any catastrophe. 

On a smoke break at Kyun Khola

Kyun Khola

On the way to Padamchen

Subhasis on a corner

Ayan started counting the no bends. he moment we left Padamchen and were headed towards Zuluk weather dramatically changed. Suddenly a whole world of clouds started gathering on the roads creating zero visibility in front of us. Temp also dipped suddenly creating a huge trouble for us. Amidst all these our main inspiration kept beckoning us like hairpins. Each and every bends were taken with great proficiency. Each and every bends provide us with new dreams of falling in love her. She mesmerizes with her tresses .Every pins are properly placed so that bunny would remain in its place. With every bend we crossed a single pin was falling from her hair.

Slowly and steadily we were heading towards Zuluk. Around 3:45 hrs we reached near viewpoint completing all the 92 haipins. The view from the top was simply indescribable. The trail of her tresses can only be seen after one had completely removed all the 92 pins from her bunny. It seems it was trap of a beauty in which everyone succumb.
IT took another 30-45 minutes for us to reach our destination Nathang Valley.
4.10.13-Nathang Valley(13500 ft) 

It was around 4:30 pm that we reached one tea shop near nathang valley. It was time for us to have a cup of coffee since throughout the day we were all shivering in the cold and all drenched due frequent rain lite snowfall. All of us were sitting beside a electric woven and having our cup of tea. 

It was a nice place get some energy back which will be required during coming days.
After finishing our cup of coffee it was time for us to go to our homestay where someone is waiting for us . The valley is having around 400 people where most of them are helping the BRO people. Beside that their main source of earning is tourism. Around 8-9 home stays are there.
When we reached the check post before entering into Nathang we were privileged to see the gorgeous valley of Nathang. The entire valley is one could see is full of juxtaposed military trucks. The color of Army trucks in lonely valley seems like a a newly married lonely wife waiting for her man to complete her. May be the valley is waiting to winter set in. The snow will make play the decorative veil for her.
18:00 Hrs
After having our lunch around 17:00 hrs we have decided go to our respective rooms and have sound slip to re-energies ourselves. Some of our mates have decided to have a long walk .Subhasis got bit sick due to high altitude and untimely lunch. He got some bad headache along with stomach disorder. Ayan provided him the necessary medication so the he keeps well throughout the night.. Hence we have decided to go for very lite dinner .After having our dinner its time a deep slip .

5.10.13- Gnathang Valley to Kupup and Reshi Khola

Around 7’O clock in the morning we all woke up. Over a cup of coffee we have started packing our bags. Subhsis was busy collecting picking bungees from the luggage. Me alongwith Anirban was busy checking the healthiness of the bikes. All the RE had a knack of not getting started in the morning .We found all of them are working perfectly. After finishing our breakfast around 8:45 Hrs we have decided to to head towards Kupup Valley. There are two ways through which people can go Kupup Valley .The first one far more easier but bit long. The other one is far more steeper and not to mention riskier and condition of the road is pretty bad. But we had decided to try for the steeper one. Around 8 O’clock we have started our journey from Nathang valley.
The road was seems like a staircase having around 1000 staircases,without any steps and the angle of elevation must be around 35-40 degree. One can easily understood how difficult it had been for us to ride through that particular road. Some point Anirban and Subhsis had struggled hugely with their bikes since the angle of elevation was really causing even REs to climb up. But somehow they could manage to ride.

Toughest job of the trip, starting the Royal Machismo 500. Luckily it did not trouble us on the day. Otherwise getting a mechanic there at Gnathang Valley could be the biggest challenge of our life.

Steepest road of the trip, where even Royal Enfield 350 was having trouble completing the stretch in one try. We had to stop in between the stretch and started again to complete the rest.

One of the best roads of the trip

Rocky Mountain high

Bublai's Royal Machismo did not find any problem completing the stretch

Anirban and myself on a bend

Sigh of relief, After the uphill

Subhasis doing some trekking, wearing biking gears.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Mann Mandir- First we went to Old Baba Mandir ,the roads are moderate and must be under construction,few sights of land slides were also seen. But one thing I must tell you a huge credit should be given to all the men behind BRO. The working relentlessly towards construction of roads. Even minimum time was taken clean all the debris related to land slides.Around 9:30 Hrs we reached Baba mandir where we were greeted by some hot coffee and water by the Indian Army. We started exchanging our experiencing our trip so far. They were elated to see some people from Bengal riding bikes in the hills and come all the to baba Mandir. They encourages us a lot .Some of my friend decided to go to the temple me Ayan Subhsis decided feel the warmth of the nature .A heavy chilly wind were welcoming us. We were fascinated by the nature ,the emptiness of the valley speaks its despair to us .We got totally stuck inside the nature .15 minutes later all my mates came and we decided to go towards Kupup Valley around 10:20 Hrs .

Locality of Gnathang

On the way to Old Baba Mandir

Jai hind


Chiro, Subhasis, myself and Anirban, from left

The roads towards must a dream for any rider. Its as smooth as running a knife through butter and slicing it without any hindrance. The temp was constantly coming down and we have already covered with whatever possible winter garments we took from our home.

Had to be very careful, on the down roads

Kupup Lake

We reached our destination. Now our job was descending the trail. More tough than going upward.
All the 4 RE’s were running like an arrow aimed at Elephant Lake. The ferocious sounds coming out of all the RE’s giving a warning signal to all the creatures of that area that “either you are with us or you will be nowhere.”Around 11:15 We aarrived near Elephant lake .The lake named after its peculiar shape like trunk of a elephant.We went to a near police station to take permission for Kupup where we were being denied to go there because due to security purpose and vicinity of Ind-Tibetian border Indian Army wouldn't allow anybody to go there. Hence we had no other choice but to stay at Kupup and have our tea and group meeting. From Kupup we have to go Reshikhola which is around 75 kilometers.

After Finishing our tea we started our journey from Kupup. We were also excited because we had to descend once again through Old silk route. After Reaching Zuluk we had our lunch in the form of Maggi and tea. It was once again time for us to tie the bunny with all the 92 hairpin in proper place of her. After collecting all the hairpins placing it in orderly manner it was time for us to say “phir filenge” to her .

Last time, Chiro having his head lights on

Chiro's bike stopped again. Whenever he was putting his headlight on, the fuse was gone. Only 2 spare fuses left with us. We decided not to put his headlight on.

On the way back from Kupup towards Dzuluk

Tough condition, It was drizzling continuously

Rare hairpin bend seen. Most we had ridden in fog. Visibility was almost nothing. We could see only 10 feet in front of us. Only the back light of our front vehicle was guiding us to the safe destination

Now, it was time for Subhasis's bike. RE Classic 350. The break lever was having some kind of trouble. And we had to ride it on the downhill with a disturbed rear brake.

Near Padamchen

Myself on a bend

Best road to ride on


Good bye from Silk route

Cold water bath by local children

On a smoke break at Kyun Khola, on our way back

Subhasis on a cornering

We were very lucky to get this permission. Our sincere thanks to Biru Tamang and his people from Rongli

On our way to Reshi from Rongli, via Renock Bazar

We reached Reshi around 17:45 Hrs. At this point of time we thought we were already late since we need to pass that dense forest leads to Reshi. It was around 18:00 Hrs and we were passing though that forest suddenly Chiro's bike once again started malfunctioning due to some fuse problem. We were running out of time and this bike were constantly giving us a trouble. Chiro was advised not to put his light on .Hence subhais and Anirban played his cover .Around 20:45 We reached at Reshi check post where a man known to mr,Biru Tamang was waiting for us,After locking our bikes in the check post near Melli its time for us to go to our final destination of the day “Reshikhola” by trekking.
It was around 21:30 Hrs we started journey to our home stay at Reshikhola.It was totally dark along with slight drizzle. Chiros and Ayans torch helped us a lot .After a 15 minutes walk we reached a place from where we have to climb down through some pathetic staircases up to the base of Teesta river and we also have to cross the river through a foot bridge made up of only bamboo sticks. We started climbing down ,it was really tough for us since after a long day of biking we were already completely out of our energy then .The more we were going downwards towards the river its sounds was getting more prominent. It was just in-explainable how frightened we were to see the ferocious river carrying ice water all the way from some uphill and running like a hare surviving his life from its predator and screaming loudly.
We were just reached near the bridge the local man advised us not to cross the bridge in together. After crossing the here comes the real adventure of our life. Pitch black surroundings, slight drizzle, and we need walk through a dense forest around 7 ‘O clock in the night. No one could asked a asked a better adventure than this.
Literally there was no way ,we have to go through this. Subhasis was not at all comfortable with the atmosphere since he has got some fear psychosis regarding ghosts. And Ayan was trying to bully him all through the road. I must say it was a fun .After a around 1 hour later we reached our homestay at Reshikhola around 19:45 Hrs .
We got two rooms each having two bedrooms. We were served with hot coffees and pakodas, though temp was moderate around 25 degree. Finally we are through. It was time for us to exchange our views regarding the last four days experiences. Our main aim to come to Reshikhola is to relax to the extent possible. We were also checking the snaps and videos taken by me and mostly by Ayan. During long discussion it was unanimously decided that tomorrow we will go directly to Darjeeling instead of Siliguri and hand over the bikes to Gautam at his place.
It was completely a exotic place for perfect leisure. The sound of constant flow of river creates a magical atmosphere , and the magician is in a mood to caste his spell on us with his subtle tricks. After finishing our dinner it was time for tight sleep.

6.10.13 (Reshi Khola to Darjeeling and New Jalpaiguri)

We woke up 7 O clock in the morning and had our breakfast its time for us to head straight towards Darjeeling .The plan to go to Darjeeling was subtle but we could not restrain ourselves .We left Reshi around 09:20 Hrs . 

Reshi Khola in the morning


Trekking on our way back towads the bike parking what we had done on the Police check post on the previous day

Our place of stay at Reshi

Chiro and Anirban

Only option of crossing the river

It seems The queen was not happy letting us leave the place early. May be she wants to dress differently ,which would deserve more appreciation from us. It was around 3 hr drive from Reshi and we were at Alagarah when Bublai’s bike was completely out of fuel. We took some petrol from a local man so that we can reach up to next petrol pump which was around 20 Kms away. After refueling our bikes we started our journey once again.

Now its time for Chiro's bike. It had also stop working. Thank god it happened near a garage at Algarah,so it was less painful for us. During fixing up it was found that the entire fuel tank had dust,pebbles,sand dust etc. We still wondered how he could manage to ride it through this far. After cleaning we started our journey hoping this time we should remain UN-hindered.

Our first destination was Pedong .Around 10:30 we reached there and had our first break where Mr. Biru Tamang was waiting for his final settlements. After making final settlement we continued our journey towards Kalimpong. From Pedong our next destination was Kalimpong via Algarah.. We reached Teesta Bazar around 12 o clock. After having our lunch in a local hotel we started our journey towards Darjeeling. The road was amazing. It was going through Peshok Tea garden. 

One of the most beautiful route of the trip. This time the road was total mayhem, neither the condition the of the road nor its elevation going in our favour. More often or not every rider gets fatigued and complacent ,that’s where all the mishap happens. And the top of everything it was raining which makes it doubly difficult for us. 
It was very chilling

Yes, we have made it. We have completed on of the toughest biking tour in Sikkim/ North Bengal Region. We have been to the Old Silk Route

Myself and Bublai, after the most tiring day.

Five of us with Gautam, when Anirban was away to find our vehicle towards NJP from Darjeeling

Ayan, sitting inside Gautam's place. A perfect place to seat on a Yamaha RD 350
Around 3 pm we reached near Ghoom station and after that the last 10 kms were most tough to ride. The shallow uphill roads of Darjeeling made our life miserable. Hardly there is any space between two juxtaposed vehicle.. Around 16:00 Hrs we reached Gautam's place.
We simply could not imagine what we have done and what we had been put through. After so many obstacles, starting from extreme climatic condition, uncertainty of getting permission, steep road, to malfunctioning of bikes running out of fuel in the middle of a deserted jungle ,we have conquered everything that came in our way.

A huge round of applauds should be given to Ayan for his relentless work behind the camera irrespective of condition of the road,climatic changes he had done terrific work. Also special thanks to Bublai for joining us and sharing our pain with him. Chiro always carrying extra emotion with him which personifies in all his snaps and also helped and inspired us throughout the trip. Also not to mention Subhasis for his stupendous work to tie every single damn luggage on the bikes with ease. Now A enormous thanks to Anirban without him our dream will remain dream .Starting from booking booking tickets to arrangements of bikes he had managed to everything.

Bublai, trying to smoke like Anjan Da :)

Anirban, Sounak and Ayan

Full team, near to the clock tower used in the movie Barfi

Full team, From left Bublai, Anirban, Sounak, Chiro, Ayan and Subhasis

Siliguri station from Rohini Road, The best view we have got. It was a nice drive on a Tata Sumo. We did not have a plan coming to Darjeeling before the previous day. But the tiring day was ended with a splendid views like this.

Tour Details for reference

1. Up train was Darjeeling Mail

2. Down train was Padatik Express

3. Bikes were taken from Adventure Unlimited Group.

4. Routes were done with the help of with prior knowledge and experience.

5. Cost of this trip: 10500 Per Head.

6. Distance and Time spent:
NJP Stay : Inderprast Hotel, +918900538887
NJP to Mankhim: 130 kms, 10 hrs (Including bike fault)
Mankhim to Gnathang Valley: 80 kms, 7 hrs (Including Permission)
Gnathang to Reshi, Via Kupup: 90 kms, 9 hrs (Including sightseeing)
Reshi to Darjeeling: 100 kms, 7 hrs (Including bike faults)

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Sounak Chatterjee

---------------------------------- Photography by ----------------------------------
Ayan Dutta

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Anirban Chatterjee  
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