Royal Kingdom of Bhutan - Royal Enfield Motorcycle Trip


“Taming an untamed beast is not a ring master’s job……only wilderness can bring him  his natural instinct”- Sounak

HI guys it’s been a year since I took a piece of pen and a paper and wrote m our diary for DZULUK trip .By now you guys are well aware of how passionate and intense the tour was. First of all we are overwhelmed to see all you guys took your time out and read our experiences .You guys are far too kind.

After finishing our last trip we were simply in doubt what can be our next destination and top it after experiencing those hell of a steep road and 92 hairpins we thought no other place on this earth can give same amount of thrill or what we call ”rush of adrenaline”.Hills have always been a part of our life. It has this uncanny ability to pull us in its way like mermaid and we follow her(the beauty can only be comparable taking any beautiful lady as a frame of reference) trail every time. At first we thought about going to Kerala then things don’t work well .Then our beloved all responsibility holder (not bulb) Anirban show us the light. He proposed the for the land of Dragon Bhutan. At first we were bit skeptical as Bhutan is a foreign country and we have hardly any information about Bhutan since none of us went their previously. But after few minutes our heartbeat started beating more faster as thought are “total travellers” going abroad. Will this be our first cross country road trip? Well well well hold your breath we coming to unleash the dragon on its own yard.

Six of us

1.    Anirban
2.    Chiranjit
3.    Debamitra
4.    Ayan
5.    Soumava
6.    Sounak

Started working how to execute this trip a memorable one. We have all started searching on the internet regarding what are the  favorite places in Bhutan that we can visit. Anirban has started contacting Bhutan consulate regarding permission of us during our stay in Bhutan.Few information we would like to share to all of you

1.    For Indian citizen no passport will be required

2.    Two pass port size photograph will be required during filling up of permission form
Application form regarding permission can be collected from Bhutan Consulate

6, Mall Road
Kolkata: 80
Contact No: 033 25600756, The same process can be done from  Phuntsholing border as well)

3.    You must carry your original Voter Card
4.    Driving license if you are having any vehicle.
5.    All the original papers pertaining your vehicle.
       6.    From Bhutan consulate entry pass to Thimpu and Paro is generated .For other area like Punakha, Dochula you need take another permission from Thimpu itself.These are being a restricted area normally passes are not being generated from Bhutan Consulate. This permission should be done from Immigration office, Thimpu.
7.    Normally permission of Bikes ther are few things one has to keep in mind
All original papers,driving license.
In pheusthelling RTO, one has to reach by 9 o clock in the morning .The operation time of RTO is 9-12 o clock and from 1 to 4 beside holidays. On holidays office remains opened only in tourist season mainly. Check with Bhutan consulate before travelling. In holidays the RTO is open from 11:00 to 14:00 .In pheusthelling RTO an application for entry of vehicle has to be submitted along details of vehicle and the name of the person.They will issue an entry pass for Thimpu and paro. Another important information we would like to share that Bhutan Govt would not allow any single person to enter into its country due to some internal policy ,hence coming to Bhutan bring your friends all relatives with you.

This time we have decided to take own RE and let them reign where they were born. Let them taste a run with a full throttle. Let them scream. Let them be loud. We decide to take 3 RE;s mine ayan's and sana’s(who unfortunately missed the trip due some official obligations). We have also decided to hire 1 RE from Gautam,the owner of Adventures Unlimited. After watching certain videos and photographs we thought this is the place where we should be……..this is where we all belong..The dam of patience had already collapsed…the fierce force of desire cannot be restricted by any means……..We are on our way…

 A Full video of our trip to Bhutan, From Youtube

Day - 0 (Kolkata - New Jalpaiguri) 


Finally the day has arrived. We cannot hold ourselves anymore. We have decided to take our bikes through train only. Hence in the afternoon me Ayan and Soumava came to Sealdah station to finish the packing formalities. One thing we would like to share that we all have certain misconception regarding packing of railway authorities. But We must tell you if give sufficient time for packing not a single scratch will be observed .Anirban took the responsibility for packing of bikes. For packing of bikes and its shipment one need to first spot an agent in station. Luckily we got Mr. Hariharan 09748877499.He has helped us a lot.regarding packing.In parcel section one need to fill up an booking slip surfacing information of vehicle along with its owner and Xerox copy of papers.Normally for Royal Enfield they charge 1250 per bike plus packaging charges Rs. 600 per bike .After booking of bikes they will provide a booking challan which will be required during collection of vehicle from destination.This way packing are and booking of vehicle are normally being made.One can also book their vehicle 3-4 days prior to their journey ,in that case vehicle will be in railways custody and they will claim certain retention amount while handing over the same. In the meantime Railway authorities instructed us that  we cannot take 3 bikes on a single train .Hence decided to put one in Darjeeling mail and the balance 2 bikes will be dispatched through Padatik express.

Around 9:30 we have all gathered in Sealdah station with butter fly in the stomach ,eagerly waiting to hit the road hard.It was around 11 ‘o clock our journey started .We are heading towards our first stop NJP.


Day - 1 (New Jalpaiguri to Birpara) 

Distance : 120  Kms 


After finishing off our breakfast tea we all started to gear us up for our first day of trip .Around 8:30 our train reached NJP station. After taking our luggage me Anirban and Ayan headed straight towards parcel section for collecting our bikes. After finishing up all the formalities we are ready to hit the road. Meanwhile Gautam also has sent his bike to station in time.But the bike had certain problem regarding acceleration. Now we need to fix this up as early as possible .We took the bike gave it to a local service workshop who somehow managed to fix things up and now we are ready for our first day of trip Pheutshelling. (Bishnu – 09832393891 – Opposite to Royal Enfield Showroom, Sevok Road)

We started our journey from siliguri around 12:30 and we knew that we are almost 2 hous late.Once this tamed beast hit the road you never know what they could become.4 thunderous Royal Enfields with burning silencers while cutting across the Mahananda wildlife sanctuary it seems the beast had already woken up and giving a message to all the other beasts in jungle ”come and fetch me”. This sevoke Road everytime fascinates us with its beauty. The rocky mountain on one side leaving River Teesta on the other. The calmness of river simply tranquilizes us. From Coronation bridge we took a right turn towards Dooars. Long stretch of roads cutting the dense forest seems like we lost into oblivion .The condition of the road and the way it was built ,its there to stay in next couple of years. We cannot recollect the last  we’ve seen that much of greenery .Its like playing in the natures lap.We know we can roam around her lap in whatever possible way without being fallen from her lap. She will hold us. It’s a feeling that can only be felt but cannot be described. It was around 4 o clock in the evening and we were around 75 Kms away from our destination when we had our first tea break . At that moment we decided that we would not be in position to make it to Pheutshelling .Hence after certain discussion with a local chae wallah we have decided to stay at Birpara that night which was around 50 kms behind Pheutshelling. Around 8:30 in the night we reached the place called Birpara .After putting our luggage in the respective rooms we went for a short meeting our plan for the next day .It was decided that after finishing of breakfast we will start and that should be within 7:30 in the morning.

At NJP staion, before unpacking

At NJP staion, unpacked enfield brothers

Sevok Road, On the way to Phuntsholing. It was around 2 PM

Sevok Road

Somewhere around coronation bridge

Bend it like Beckham, on the way to Malbazar

Through the tea gardens

On a tea break, at 5 pm

Fuse change, on the way to Birpara. It was around 6.30 pm. Suddenly the headlight was off and the engine was stopped. Luckily we had spare fuses. Otherwise it was a place near to an elephant corridor.

It was just like a Runway. No other vehicles other than 4 motorcycles of us. Sometimes, we start loving the darkness.

Day - 2 (Birpara - Phuntsholing - Wankha)

Distance : 130  Kms 


After finishing our breakfast we started our journey around 8:30 in the morning .We reached Phuentsholing around 11 o clock in the morning. After crossing the border we straight headed towards RTO for entry permit for our vehicle. 19th being a holiday the RTO office was closed at that time. Around 12 o clock we got our permission done as described earlier. One need to carry atleast 5-6 copies of their entry permit as this  may be required in different immigration check post.Around we started our journey from phuentsholing towards Thimpu our first destination inside Bhutan.

We started from Phuentsholing around 12:45 in the afternoon. The way to Thimpu is fascinating. The roads here a way less steeper  than what we found in Sikkim. The design or the construction of road have been made keeping in mind for the travelers.” Bootan” which is how originally it was spelt signifies the range of mountains.Slowly and gradually the curtains were opened in front of our eyes. Hitherto we have not seen so many range of mountains in that low altitude. All those green range of mountains along with valleys in front of us is felt like this is why we came to earth to see the natures creation .The little villages with small population add a special flavor into it. Like hot choco pie with red cherry on the top. This simple people living on the lap of these mountains attract so many people across the globe every year. We feel we are those fortunate ones who have seen these places.It was around 4 o clock in the evening I was riding along with Soumava when suddenly our bike skidded off the surface. Luckily none of us were  hurt. While observation it was found that somehow the rear tyre got stuck and we cannot move the bike.It was the first time in the tour a major setback happened. But as always kept our head held high this time too it was not exception .  Anirban and ayan somehow managed to bring one breakdown van and a Maruti Van  from a nearby Hotel. This place is called Wankha and we were around 92 Kms away from Thimpu. All of us tried our hand along with two of the local people one named tashi bring the bike near to the hotel. Now we are left with one bike short. So many question coming to our mind. How to fix things up. Suddenly there comes a man with golden arm what we refer. This guy Named Mr. Vinod Kumar he is one gem of a guy an army man stationed at Wankha to support any form of emergency breakdown service. He came into rescue. With his help the bike is now ready to hit the road. He explained us how this accident occurred. It is due to excessive breaking of rear wheel the base plate of break shoe got bend. Hence it causes hindrance for moving of rear wheel.It was around 7 o clock in the evening we had no other choice but to stay there. The Manager of the Restaurant helped us finding a guest house nearby where we need to spend the night. During our dinner we were not sure whether we will take this bike to the rest of the tour or not. But One thing we have mutually decided that none of us will use our rear break unless its emergency. This small place named Wankha will remain in the heart throughout our life .The warm hospitality the help they stretched at us is unimaginable. Far away from the amenities of civic society this people are so grounded. This evening will be remembered.

Just before the start at Birpara. On the last night gave our halt at Birpara, as it was almost 8 pm. So, we had to make an early start to make up the remaining 55 kms to phuntsholing.

It was refueling time. Near Hasimara

At Phuntsholing gate.
On a tea break

On the way to Phuntsholing checkpost

At checkpost

On the way to Thimpu now. Still 150 kms to go and it was around 1 pm.

On the way to Wankha

On a small break. 130 kms to reach Thimpu.

Roadwork in progress.

A stretch of bad road. Though 90 % of the way to Thimpu was in great shape.

Smooth surface. So, bending was the only motive in our life.

A stretch of 10 kms with dense fog.

With low visibility, riding in fog.

Near Dantek Canteen.

Crossed Dantek Canteen

Road widening work in progress

Way to Wankha
80 kms to Wankha

A restaurant at Wankha. It was the place of our suddenly decided night halt.  At around 3.30 we suddenly found a problem in one of our bike. The rear wheel was jam due to a bend in the rear brake main plate. And there was no such mechanics in that place. So, we decided to have a stay there and look for some options to fix our bike. An old man helped us a lot to find a guest house there. It was a guest house of Govt for Power Plant and we were given two rooms there for the night halt.

Day - 3 (Wankha - Thimpu)

  Distance : 90 Kms 


After we had our breakfast we decided to start our journey further. After a small thanksgiving we started our journey around 8 o clock in the morning.En route to Thimpu we had seen rocky road to pitch black smooth sailing one. The last 35 kms before entering into Thimpu was breathtaking. The curvy roads with river flowing on the left hand side while range of mountains on the right side gracefully welcoming us to the city.The specialty of this ice water river is that it changes its shade according to the colour of the sky as well as the colour of the mountains ,nevertheless the water remains crystal clear throughout .While taking each bend it feels it seems each bend is distinct from other having its own flavor of enigma .Its like searching for an unknown treasure which is a distance away. It was around 13:30 in the afternoon  we reached Thimpu Bus stand. Anirban and Ayan headed towards Thimpu Immigration Office  from where we need to collect our entry pass for Punakha ,Dochula,Probjika ,Haa Valley.Me and soumava had our share of snacks .After that As instructed by Anirban, Soumava went to THIMPU RTO office to complete the formalities regarding permission of our vehicles for Punakha ,Dochula,Probjika ,Haa Valley.  The weather was pleasant and cool wind  blowing  from vast stretch of mountains de-toxicate us .The city is just fascinating. The entire city is so disciplined and systematic somehow we feel bit ashamed of us. In Kolkata the picture is all different. Everyone is ready to blow their horn without any purpose. But in Thimpu we cannot recollect if we have seen any car blowing its horn.The calmness and the peace of the city is so picture perfect with its vast landscapes.It was around 3:30 in the evening that we got our entry permit. Now it’s time to go to Hotel and take some good amount of rest. We stayed in a hotel named Central Lodge in Thimpu bus stand. After taking rest we had a nice dinner in a nearby hotel named Wine N Dine.

Good Morning. Amazing place to open the door and being welcomed with a spectacular sunrise. Anyways, we found someone from Military department, Mr. Vinod Kumar. Who, helped us to fix our bike's problem with his valuable effort. Without his help we had to keep our bike there and take it on a truck to New Jalpaiguri which could have been enough to ruin our entiire trip. So, that man was just a god to us. He just told us not to use the read brake in this trip anymore to avoid the same situation again.

The Man and Woman, on a photoshoot ride. Without helmet though. Inside the Guest House premises.

On a break towards Thimpu. 90 kms to go.

Towards Thimpu

On a checkpost. We had to show all our papers and driving license here.

On a break. We could not find a single tea shop on the way. So, from next time we would carry a flask.

The Thimpu Highway, the best road for any biker

On thimpu highway

On a break at Thimpu highway, 20 kms to reach Thimpu. 1.30 pm

The silky smooth Thimpu highway

The valley

We reached Thimpu at 2 PM and rushed towards the Immigration office for the pernission extension to Punakha and vehicle permission at RTO. The Thimpu Immigration office remain opened till 3 PM and RTO remain opened will 5 PM. Make sure you have a xerox copy of all the papers.


Day - 4 (Thimpu-Dochula Pass, 3116 mtrs-Punakha)

  Distance : 80  Kms 


From Thimpu we started around 8:30 in the morning after having  a cup of tea and some snacks. We had decided to have our breakfast in Dochula .Beside mountains and scenic landscape one more thing attracted us was their official attire .Starting from school goers to office staff, everybody is wearing the same. In the morning we have seen some good amount fog. But as the day progressed the sun rays eliminates all the fog in no time. It’s the beauty of hills, that it changes mood in every step.Its was around 10 Clock in the morning we dochula pass. The distance between Dochula and Thimpu is 30 Kms.When we reached the place were simply awestruck .Pass means a place from where Horizons specially range of mountains can be seen clearly.Normally these are built paying homage to all the fighters who have fought for their respective region. The crest of dochula is having 108 Chortens means small temples in the memories of all the soldiers who fought battle against Indian rebels.a 360 degree panoramic view of Himalayan range can be seen from the pass. Its just incredible.There are hardly any place in this world which hold this view. The weather  was clear with blue sky on top and range of mountains in front of us .We felt how volatile we are in front of this nature. The snow capped mountains forming a majestic backdrop to the tranquility of the 108 chortens gracing the mountain pass. We were simply having time of our life. We met several foreign tourists whom we have shared our experiences. After having our breakfast at a nearby restaurant we left this majestic place for Punakha.The distance between Punakha and Dochula is around 42 Kms Due to construction work on road, there were certain points en route to Punakha where we had to stop for a while. Punakha is a small village in Bhutan in the valley of mountains. Small houses  made up of stone is surrounded by paddy fields. The vast agricultural land along with mountain in backdrop putting it to a different level. It seems on the lap of mother mountains this villages are growing steadily without any hindrance and necessary shelter are being provided by the mother .It was around 4 o clock in the evening we reached the place.The view of of sun set amidst mountains was a treat to watch. Now its time for us to go to a hotel and freshens us up. Over a cup of coffee we have decided to visit the Dzong the next day.

Buddha Murti at Thimpu. Because of a road work the roads were closed on certain times. So, we had a early start at 7 AM.

The Thimpu city

The road blockage zone

10 kms to reach Dochuls pass

On a tea break

Till then we were not sure about the spectacular view from Dochula pass. Starting for it.

The mountain ranges of Bhutan, from Dochula

Mountain Range from Dochula

Total Travellers on Dochula Pass, \m/

The Enfields at Dochula

At Dochula Pass

The Coffice Shop at Dochula

We met several people from several countries at Dochula Top.

Caption this. I cant find wods.

On the way to Punakha. Still around 40 kms to go. Very bad roads ahead.

On the bad road stretch. Work in progress. This roads remain opened on a particular schedule. Ask your hotel before proceeding about the timings at Thimpu side and Wangdue side.

Punakha Valley, a treat to watch

10 kms to reach Punakha

River at Punakha

View from our hotel. It was around 4 pm we reached Punakha


Day - 5 (Punakha - Dochula Pass (3116 mtrs) - Paro)

Distance : 120  Kms 


It was Around 7:30 in the morning that we start our journey towards Paro via Punakha Dzong. This is one of the most attractive tourist in and around Bhutan.We reached the Dzong around 8 o clock. But unfortunately we had been told that the Dzong will be closed till 9 o clock. Hence we could enter the Dzong this time. The Dzong is situated on  the bank of a river. The scenic landscape of this place quenched our thirst for tangible and non tangible happiness of our life. The punakha valley is far away from normal city life, yet it reflects how natural beauty is still priceless .The Dzong ,as a epitome of sanctity standing tall whereas the river carrying all the burdens of the society and the mountains giving safe shelters to all its habitats was simply mesmerizing. It was around 11 o clock after finishing our breakfast we started our journey towards Paro . It was around 6 in the evening that we reached Paro. Suddenly we all felt a chilling wind and temp suddenly drop down to freezing point. We were in hurry to search for a hotel where we can at least ourselves up over a cup of hot coffee. Somehow we managed to get some Rooms in a hotel named Hotel Paro.
Punakha Dzong. We reached there very early morning. So, we could not enter. It opens at 9 AM.

The Panorama of Punakha Dzong

Another Panorama of Punakha Dzong

On a break. The testing time with the bad road condition and dusts.

The mountain ranges from Dochula  again

Total Travellers

Dochula Pass Top, 108 chortens

Royal Enfield Motorcycles

The cafeteria at Dochula Top


Panorama at Dochula

Puncture repairing in progress. This time we had everything necessary with us to do the needful.

Hard time for the Enfield, anyways we reached Paro at around 6.30. We lost around 2 hours in this place. The tube had some tear. Hence we had to repair the tube as well from a puncture shop 7 kms from here. We stayed at Hotel Paro at Paro.

Day - 6 (Paro - Tiger's Nest - Paro)

 Distance : 30  Kms Ride, 10 Kms Trek 


Paro holds the only airport of the country. Like any other places in Bhutan it is also situated in a valley surrounded by Himalayan range of mountains. Hence normally it remains cold throughout the year.The population it is higher than the Thimpu .Main occupation of this this state is agriculture and tourism. The entire Bhutan is pretty much developed regarding agriculture due to its climatic condition  no of valleys highly sophisticate irrigation system.
It was around 10 clock in the morning that we started our journey towards Thatksang Monastery base.It is around 10 Kms away from the city paro. The blend of mischievous valley and  small mountains putting this place to a common destination for foreigners. Long stretch of peach black run-way roads leading to infinity can attracts any rider. As a result we also become pray to this.Around an 1;30 hrs time we reached at the base. Now its time to move upwards aka trekking. Most us don’t mix n match some of us never take cocktails, but since a rider has no fixed plan and destination we would love to mingle ride and trek.The monastery situated at a 3120 meter MSL. while  moving upward we could easily the ecstatic paro valley along with river which seemed surrounds the entire valley. After having a frisk lunch we were around few kilometers away our experienced TEKK MAN Chiro suggested us to return.The view from that part of the cliff was terrific.We can see the entire strecjh of Himalayan range leaving Monastery in the left hand side was a treat to watch. Due to steepness of the cliff the duration taken by us to climb was more than what we would have thought of.Hence under Chiro’s guidance we started our journey back towards the base. It was  already late in the evening and we have all have heard that usually darkness falls too fast inside the jungle.

On the way to Taksthang Monastry base

Its RE time

On a photo break at an old Dzong

RE time again.

The Tiger's Nest

Through the jungle

A cafeteria enroute to Tiger's Nest

The monastry


Day - 7 (Paro - Phuntsholing - Jaldapara)

Distance : 200  Kms 


Due to prior commitments Chiro and his wife Mitraji  had left us for Kolkata via flight. Hence it was bidding adieu time for Chiro and Debamitra.We had slightly changed our plan .Instead going to pheustholling we will go up to Jaldapara and planned to do some Jungle safari. We started around 9 o clock in the morning from Paro. We reached Jaldapara Around 4 op clock in the morning. Ayan and soumava were instructed to do formalities regarding elephant safari next morning while me and Anirban were searching for hotel. Luckily we found some rooms in a hotel named Jaldapara Family tourist Lodge, just outside the jungle. It was opposite to Jaldapara Tourist Lodge. After finishing their formalities Soumava and Ayan returned to hotel. We were literally jumping on our feet knowing the fact that we would do Elephant safari. Hills trekking jungle safari all in a single trip,we thought we must have day-dreaming. Hotel Staff told us that we need to ready by 4:15 in the morning .Hence After finishing our Dinner we went for a nice deep Sleep.

Just out from Paro and we saw a glimpse of a wonderful valley

Ayan and Sounak on a break

A gate at Chuzom

Way to Wankha

It was a great stretch of roads

Riding on a foreign land with our Royal Enfields, it was like a dream come true. That too on a beautiful tarmac. Look at the bends. Amazing.

At Wankha. With Mr. Vinod Kumar

With Mr. Tashi Dorji at Wankha. Another savior.

Standing tall. Waiting for their riders to sit and ride through the fog again. We reached Jaldapara at 5 pm in the evening. And this day's ride was one of the best rides of this trip. Starting from the road condition to the rythim of our motorcycle sound. It was terrific. Great performance through out the day. Only two tea breaks on that day. Otherwise all day riding.

Day - 8 (Around Jaldapara Forest)

Distance : 80  Kms 


After having our bed tea in the hotel  we were taken to Holong bunglow from where Elephant would start. We saw several half- sleep eyes gathering inside the park. Three gigantic Elephants were waiting for us to carry into the wild. .Around 6:30 in the morning the long awaited  Safari started .The silence of jungle along the sound of dry leaves  created a unison .After crossing two –three river we were on the verge entering into the dense area. It was around 15 min that we spent in the jungle when we first saw a single horn Rhino.It is the single most habitat of these species in the world. In few kilometers we also saw certain other animals also. It was around 8:45 in the morning our safari got over. After reaching our hotel we were discussing about what we should do in the evening. One of the local cha wallah advised us to visit Chila pata which is around 35 Kms away from Jaldapara. Hence it was decided that we will be going to Chilapata to have a taste wilderness once again after the breakfast .We started for chilapata around 11 colck in the morning and reached the place around 1 o clock in the evening. After collecting our tickets we had our lunch at a nearby shop. The forest officials told us that the safari will start from 2:30 in the afternoon. A Jeep safari always adds a different flavor to any tourist. It was very late in the evening our safari got over. Now we would like to tell a tale. A tale which we would never forget in our life. As I have told that it was dark by then some of our guide told us that we may experience some animal invasion while returning back. We had to cover a stretch of 16 kms jungle in the middle of darkness. Slowly we started our journey with me leading in front. The place was simply un-imaginable. We could hardly see anything beyond our headlights. May be two wild things do not often clash. May be it’s the roaring RE’s courage held those wild beast aside.  It seems we were chasing our fear. We felt helpless at some point of time. As we gradually progressed we thought we need to be calm and held our composure. This jungle was playing mind game with us. You miss I hit sort of and attitude simply blown us to the max extent. The main problem one face inside a peach black jungle is that you could not see anything on your looking glass.It was all black with a zero visibility. It took around 45 min for us to complete biggest jungle we’ve seen so far. Now we felt a fresh of air .Around 7:30 in the evening we reached our hotel. Now our trip is over.

At 4,45 am in the morning. Waiting the the elephant safari.

Birds at Jaldapara Forest

The rhino on its way to the dense forest

Sunrise from Jaldapara Forest. The opposite side is Chilapata Forest.

With our elephant

Light and shade capturing by Ayan

Through Chilapata Forest
Jeep safari at Chilapata Forest

On the way to the dense forest

Day - 9 (Jaldapara Forest - New Jalpaiguri)

Distance : 135  Kms 


It was around 7:30 in the morning we started for NJP.After taking blessings from Sevoke Kali Bari we started our last stretch of journey towards NJP.It was around 4 o clock in the evening we reached NJP. Ayan and Soumava took all the burden to book three of our bikes to the train. It was around 9 o clock in the night we started our Journey towards Kolkata.

Puncture again, here is the culprit

Repair in progress

On the way to Sevok Road

Beware of the Elephant Corridor zone. Elephants have right to cross the roads.

On the way to Sevok. The smoothest of roads.

The Royal Enfield brothers

Reached New Jalpaiguri railway station at around 4 PM

Packed motorcycles, Sealdah station at Kolkata

  The amount of effort that Anirban put into this trip was simply un-imaginable. Starting from collecting documents from each of us, putting reminder mail over and again till we drop that. He took all the pain to collect our entry pass from Bhutan Consulate. Beside him this whole trip would not have been a successful one. He is the pillar.

Ayan had provided with loads of stamina while dismantle and rearrangement of tyre during puncture. Beside that he was epitome of photography. A perfect guy with a perfect vision which is hard to find.  Whatever good pictures that you have seen so far its his grace.

Soumava the guy with a terrific guts. Riding that half crashed bike throughout the hills with ease calls for standing ovation. We would have thought that  we have to left that bike in wankha. But it was soumava who stand tall and decides to ride it through.

Chiro and Debamitra-we are well aware of chiro. He can put himself in any extreme condition with his emotional overdrive. He had taught us how everything can be explained with  Aabeg. This woman Debamitra was a surprise package. A girl continuously riding in the backseat  of a bike throughout the trip  without causing any hindrance is difficult to find. She is one inspirational woman we have seen so far.

Sounak - He is the one, who always motivates everyone on every situation. You ask him about anything and he says, it is possible. Starting from fixing the issues of Royal Enfield motorcycles to fix the minds of the tired less confident member of our group. He is a genious. Once someone asked him, "Are elephants afraid of Royal Enfield Bullets?" And he said, "Elephants don't fear of Bullets, as Bullets also don't fear of Elephants. They both are the kings of Jungles and Locality respectively. They respect each other and love keep distance with each other as well". That is our Sounak. Long live dude.

At the end I would like to say that together we can fight, together we can ride………together we can swim thorough how may be the tide………. 

Long Live Total Travellers.

We thank all the members and well wishers of Total Travellers to make this happen. See you again and till then, "Keep Travelling"

 Writer of this blog : Sounak Chatterjee
Photography and Videography : Ayan Dutta and Soumava Bhattacharjee
Hotel and Other arrangements: Chiro and Debamitra

Some useful information
1. Permission can be done from Bhutan Consulate, Dum Dum, Kolkata/ Phuntsholing office
2. It takes 15 working days roughly from Kolkata. At phuntsholing it depends on the queue.
3. From Kolkata/ Phuntsholing permissions for Thimpu and Paro can be done
4. For other places like, Punakha, Probjikha, Gangtey, Bumthang, Haa, permissions will be given from Thimpu Immigration office.
5. Someone needs to fill up a form and submit to office with the required details.
6. Original Passport/ Voter Card (Voter Card for other countires) required for Indian Nationals.
7. Two copy passport sized photographs required.
8. Someone is not allowed to travel to Bhutan alone.
9. 500 and 1000 rupees notes are accepted in major places in Thimpu and Paro.
10. Vehicle Permission can be done from Phuntsholing RTO and that is too upto Thimpu and Paro.
11. Extension of vehicle permissionn can be done from Thimpu RTO.
12. Someone needs to write an application on a plain paper stating the vehicle numbers and person riding/ driving, with all the xerox copies of the papers (Insurance, Pollution, Registration Certificate, Smart Card/ Blue Book (If applicable), Authorisation paper (If rented of someone else's vehicle)) and stay permit's copy. Please check with authority about the opening timings. It remains opened on holidays on tourist seasons. It depends on the queue.
13. If the vechicle in front of you gives the right indicator, it means you should not overtake. Some vehicle is coming towards you from the opposite direction.
14. If the vehicle in front of you gives left indicator, it means you are supposed to overtake. For safety, it is better to cross check once with the spaces available.
15. Do not honk if not necessary.
16. People of Bhutan are very helpful and cooperative. Try giving respect everyone you meet on your journey.
17. Traffic rules are strict.

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