Royal Enfield Motorcycle Ride to Pelling, West Sikkim


It is not only the pay cheques to measure happiness ,there is lot to offer in life called "TRAVELLING" .

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It is really funny how time flies by. I can still remember the last time I wrote a travel blog regarding our journey to Bhutan. It was back in the year of 2014.Meanwhile we had traveled certain places in and around west bengal but the experiences had not made me write any of such blogs.
During last two years two of my best friends got married so we were busy with their new journey of life. Every journey has its own flavor color and charisma.

New jobs ,new responsibilities often bogged you down ,then certainly out of nothing you can see the silver ring or ray of hope. It was month of July we have all decided that we have plan something out of nothing. We were desperate to hit the road with the beast. They say when you really wants it from your heart even god finds it difficult to say NO. Keeping all the aspect into consideration we had decided to go to Pelling. All the other part of the Sikkim may either be closed due to snowfall or may be the condition of the roads were not conducive for biking. Hence it was a time for us to take a final call . Unanimously we have agreed to visit to Pelling. Though me, anirban and chiro had previously visited their once many of our other friends were really interested to visit and explore.

It is great to start the year with a smashing bike trip. After managing our leave somehow we reached Sealdah Station around 9:30 in the evening. The scheduled departure of Padatik express was 11:15 hrs.This time due to shortage in time we could take our own bikes. Anirban had managed four moderately conditioned Royal Enfield for us. The guy who had given us those bikes on rent was really helpful which we realized as time elapsed. It feels amazing every time when we had tea near station while going for a trip. As per departure train started off well. I just bought my new go pro helmet cam which my friends were exploring inside the train. After small discussion we decided go for tight sleep.

It was 7 o clock in the morning and we just had our first tea ,and train failed its reputation to reachon time.It was running 1:30hrs late. Around 10:30 we reached NJP station. It was time for us to take our bikes and hit the roads. We just couldn't wait to feel the hilly roads, the clouds the chill of wind. It was around 2 kms from NJP station that Krishna Da was waiting for us to hand over the keys. After preliminary checking and packing our luggage it was time for us to start our journey. For first day we had decided to set our aim upto Ravangla. Around 11:30 hrs we started our journey.

Hills has this uncanny knack of attracting people.I have already described the beauty of Sevoke road , teesta river in my previous blogs. But every time I ride my beast it brings a special feeling .This time I want explore the beauty through my go pro.The river banks the chilling wind the blazing sound of British creature creates a havoc .I never bored while riding hills. May be when you love something you do ,it creates a magic. We had our first tea break near sevoke kali baari around 13:30 hrs.We also had our lunch there.The condition of the roads were somehow average.We found several under construction roads ,which will take some time to finish. Nonetheless it was smooth sailing for us. Around 15:30 we reached Melli where crazy people can experience river rafting. We had it twice .It is
awesome experience and sometimes it is frightening as well. After finishing our tea we started our journey.
The condition of roads between melli to sevoke(65Kms) was fascinating .It was well maintained smooth with little pot holes. Like beauty of any woman cannot complete without her ornaments likewise no roads are good until you ride across it. When the
thumping sound amalgamated with the nature it creates a history,a memory something you cherish sharing with your grandchildren.
Because some wise man once said 'you may still be here tomorrow ,but your dreams may not'. Its daydreaming for me, may be all of us.This Royal Enfields does not gives you speed,it may leak oil, it may not start in every kick, but when you are riding on it you can realize the efforts you put in is really worth it.

16:50-We are at rongpo .After checking our staffs with the security officers we started towards our destination. It was started getting dark.We were in a dilemma whether to go to ravangla or stay mid way. Anirban and Ayan started giving information about a midway stay at Temi tea garden. The distance between Rongpo to ravangla and temi was 52 Kms and 40 Kms respectively. Hence being shorter in distance we chose temi over ravangla for night stay.We called some guy in the resort and booked our rooms over there.
The journey from Rongpo to Temi tea garden was something I will never forget rest of my  ife.First 19 Kms was pretty good upto Singtam. By the time we reached Singtam it was already and it was already 17:50 in the evening. We had to reach there ASAP. It was really difficult to ride in hills when it gets dark.On top of it the condition of the road was next to impossible to ride. It was muddy,skiddy,full of pot holes as it was under construction. At one point of time we thought there was  no roads at all.The distance of 20 Kms seemed light years. The sharp turn ,steep inclined planes, skiddy  land slide prone roads created heavy toll on us.

The first cup of tea in the morning amidst beautiful tea garden worth ,hard battle that we fought yesterday .The mesmerizing view of hills took all the pain away in a whisker. We started for our next destination after having our delicious breakfast.
Ravangla is a sacred place in sikkim where one will giant size Statue (118 ft)of Lord  Buddha. After spending few hours ,its time for us to head towards Pelling.

It was a second time that ,we visited Pelling .Prior to these we had been to there during our first ever bike trip to Ravangla.The condition of the roads were better of. We reached there around 7:30 in the evening.Pelling is a place from where one will get to see the great range of kanchangangha from a very close range.
The next morning when we woke up and had our tea we could easily see that all the bikes  were literally covered with ice dust. But when we turn our head the view was so astonishing I could hardly describe that in words.The range was so close that if you stretch your hands you can touch them.The giant ranges along with entire terrain against the first morning sun creates the great Mozarts Symphony.Hills are so unpredictable, so indescribable, if one does not see it ,it's hard for anyone to make them believe.It will never quench your thirst.But we have no other option but to bid adieu to pelling for our next destination Kaluk.
The journey from Pelling to Kaluk will remembered till the date we live. Maybe the condition  off the roads was beyond our imagination. Literally there was no roads. Some them were under construction,and the rest of got damaged due to landslide. On top it the headlamp of my bike got fused off.I could not even turn them throughout my journey. Literally I was riding my bike watching the tail light of bike in front.
First I thought I shall send a stop signal to fellow bikers,then dont how I could manage to see it through without any hindrance.

The muddy under construction roads, chilling wind and a bike without headlamp in night can easily frame any Hollywood movie. Out of all these hardles we could reach our destination late at night. After some good food it was time for a sound sleep till next morning.

In the Morning around 7:30 we started our journey to NJP via Jorethong. We were in a hurry since we need to catch the train around 9 o clock in the night.But the roads had a different plans altogether.
After Jorethong upto Melli it was like a battle which could never be won. The roads were all stones and pebbles .In some part there was hardly and roads due to landslide and heavy shower. It was these beasts which saw us through. Without these immensely powered engine,it had would have been a complete mess. The potholes were so deep under the water ,it was literally impossible for us cross it.
Thats what your passion,perseverance,calmness,endurance level will come into picture. Nobody will give you priceless gifts ,you will have to earn it.The battle lasted around 3-4 hours,till we reach Melli. From Melli to NJP roads were pretty even ,compared to what we were out through. It was around evening that reached NJP and handed over our Bikes to Krishna Da.
Prior to this trip we had Bhutan, Ravangla, Dzuluk. Till the journey started we had been rating Dzuluk as the most toughest of the lot,but after the end of this trip,we would rate it as the most unpredictable of the lot.
But the calm and composure maintained my fellow riders,the passion shown by them was worth a thousand stars.
A special thanks to krishna da providing us with superbly conditioned bikes,which troubled very few occasion ,beside that headlamp issue.
A special thanks to all the fellow bikers whom I accompanied this trip, specially two courageous ladies,who were also brave enough to continue.
That's all what I have say,till next time
-- -- -- Cheers to life,cheers to bike............

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